Soulbind Recommendation Keeps Changing

Soulbind recommendation keeps changing from Marileth to Emeni when applying the requested changes. With limited number of changes allowed, following the recommendation is messing up alt specs. The % change isnt small, but according to the recommendation ranges from 2.5% to 3.8%. Please fix or allow us to select our favorite soulbind and just help with the path (conduits).


Stuck here with the same. I can’t use Forgeborn Reveries because it interferes with Archibishop cloak and puts me in a everlasting stun (bug report to blizzard already created) and when I ask MrRobot to start with Emeni - MrRobot still leaves me with Heirmir but shows the “unlock all” like it really locks anything (which it apparently doesn’t)


Ok another issue. I have a potency socketed in a slot with another potency socket open below. AMR wants me to move the one socketed to the open and then place another the first slot instead of just having me place a new potency conduit in the open slot. This wastes charges and has no bearing on effect.

I’ll take a look… I think the issue is that your currently-equipped soulbind scores better than the one you are trying to lock, so it keeps overriding it. I’ll tweak the code so the lock takes higher priority in that case.

I would need a snapshot for both cases to try and reproduce this issue. My guess is that something is going on with your higher priority setups interfering.

You can lock just the soulbind and have the optimizer pick the path and conduits – switch to the soulbind you want, which should show the tree blank. Then press “Lock Path”. Close the window and re-optimize.

Note that the issue hellbot mentioned might cause the lock to be overridden until our next update that should fix it.

As for the conduits being moved around, I’m working on that. Some complications arose with some new code to deal with the “enhanced” conduit slots you can get in 9.1.