Soulbinds Defaulting To AMR

So I am doing and trying everything I can to stop the add-on from doing so, but whenever I change specs around, paladin, it defaults to the wrong souldbinds. It has become so confusing that I have disabled the add-on altogether at this point.

Is there a way that I am not aware of to have AMR just wrong gear/talents and leave the soul binds out of the equation? I have read a few of the articles that it said I was similar too, but I am still struggling to turn off that part of it. I like that the talents change with each spec swap, but really need the soul binds to remain how I have them.

Is there a detailed walkthrough on how to accomplish this?

We added the ability for the addon to change your talents to match the ones that you used in your optimization when you choose that setup in the addon. This same feature will also change your soulbind to match the one chosen for your optimization.

If you don’t want it to change your soulbind, you can disable the option to change talents and soulbind on the options tab in the addon.

Alternatively, you can ensure that your setup has the soulbind that you want by locking it in