Soulbinds tree - different covenant for each spec

Hoy !

I play Mistweaver as you may already know. I also play Windwalker in MM+.
My mistweaver spec is venthyr, and my windwalker is Necro.
In BiB, it doesn’t “remind” what soulbinds i had in the “non-active” covenant.
So it’s difficult to make sure everything is taken in consideration in Upgrade finder for example.

Here is a snapshot : f8cde3378e5b49a78e952397013adbc9

Is this easy to implement ?

Thank you in advance !

yeah, it looks like it doesn’t know what renown level you have with necrolord… I’ll ask @yellowfive about it - as I’m sure it is supposed to be able to pick up the renown level for all your covenants.

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Yeah that looks like the issue – it’s reading all the soulbind data, but not the renown level for inactive covenants. I’ll work on fixing that and do an addon update probably tomorrow sometime that should fix it.

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So as far as I can tell in-game, there is no way to get your renown level with a covenant that is not currently active. You have to actually activate the covenant, then export your character to the website.

If you switch to necrolord and export, does it show up correctly? Then switch back to venthyr – does it still remember what you had for necrolord?

Last time i try it didn’t.

Here i’m necrolord : 8002f0d28d75443483bc13448fc46a6c with the WW Necrolord
If i go to look at the venthyr MW : 4622dec6d8604b4ab86e475fe5f477c3

I swap to venthyr
and look to the WW Necrolord : 33fcc9bf832342f3b713410bbf4db04f
The renonw level is indeed reset for the non-active covenant.
Do you need more info i can provide ?

Thanks, I should be able to figure it out with that. It seems that the in-game addon API is not reading the unlocked soulbind tiers for your inactive covenants correctly, it’s just returning nothing, even though the API exists to read them. I’ll update the code to work around that limitation.

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Thank you very mutch !

I posted an update that should resolve this issue. You may need to export again with each covenant active, but you can try without first, it might be able to figure it out without a fresh set of data from the addon.

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It work on my side too Perfect ! Thanks