Specify One-Hand+Shield Holy Paladin

Would it be possible to have an option to force the optimizer to ignore Two-Handers? With the addition of Shield of the Righteous, not using a shield isn’t an option.

I didn’t think we had two-handers for holy paladins… could you create a snapshot (press “help” next to the big Best in Bags or Best in Slot section header, then follow the instructions to generate an ID), and post it here? With that I can try out your case.

Sorry for the late reply.


Here is another example of this problem: 7757d60545a94df59931b428a0e4918e

We can add an option for that – I’m assuming that you are doing DPS builds? SotR doesn’t have any use for healing does it?

For non-progression content, yeah pure dps builds. M+ and Raids of course will be different.

SotR is only for dps, correct.