Still LF upgrades but it seems AMR has abandon us

When running upgrade finder we get this, Search for potential upgrades from raids, your weekly chest, crafting, and more. Okay, that’s what we pay you to for the service. What we google and wowhead now?

The game itself is in a semi-broken state right now. Pre-patch is always an awkward time in WoW - it’s too bad this one will last more than the 3 weeks or so that was originally planned.

There are crazy interactions between azerite traits and some specs. Many specs are missing significant parts of their kit that they don’t get until level 51+ through higher ranks of spells.

Building a complete optimization model for this state of the game (which only lasts a month or two tops) would take as much time as building a model for shadowlands. We don’t have time to do both, unfortunately, so we have focused all of our efforts on shadowlands.

If you have specific questions about where to go to get better gear - ask us and we can help you make a plan for what content to do during the pre-patch. Gearing up in the pre-patch is also very low-stakes because all of your gear will be replaced within a week of playing shadowlands.

I understand your position about this being a paid service. But, keep in mind that this is a really cheap paid service. We don’t have money to hire a pre-patch team that could crank out a model of the game to be used for a month by the small fraction of our users who would even desire it. If you feel you are not getting your $12 worth for the year, contact us via email and we can work something out.