Strange choice for BiB

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Here are two simulation of pretty mutch the same gear,
117,807 HPS 2.74 Ally Death(s) : Madness + Ignite

119,065 HPS 2.59 Ally Death(s) : Madness + dragon scale

The first one is the BiB using unlimited on use item:
The other one is set to 1.
Seems logicial till this point.
What i dont understand is, in case of “No limit” BiB shouldn’t recommand a less optimal trinket combo and going anyway with 2 on use trinket when only one is ok right ?

Or maybe it’s because my sims are using +5 difficulty settings…

Here is the snapshot :

Thank you for you time !

That shouldn’t have any effect on the result, at least as I understand it to work now.

It does seem odd that it isn’t picking the better combo even though it only has one on use trinket, I’ve had some odd behaviour recently too, I just came to post about them!

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Well i can imagine some situation where i could change.
See those ones :
98,560 HPS 0.08 Ally Death(s) : Madness + Fuse
98,823 HPS 0.05 Ally Death(s) : Madness + Scale

The difference here is too mutch in the margin or error (thats exageration because i’ve put the difficulty settings to +2).

I’ve redone the simulation:

It’s the other way around so i bet on margin of error. We are going for 100k+ HPS wich is still 2% error between the two

Yeah… as you know, there is a lot more “fuzz” for healer and tank gear optimization than for DPS. We’ve talked a bit here and there on how we might be able to improve healing sims/optimization moving forward. Hopefully we’ll have time for that stuff soon(ish)!

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