Strikethrough and Severe (Is there crit diminishing returns?)


I’ve noticed that on my mw monk, where I have about 55% crit. Getting a severe 3 will increase my crit rating by about 5%

Getting a strikethrough 3 would give me 4% more damage/healing from crits.

Now logically speaking, getting 4% strikethrough on 55% crit I would get a 55% chance to deal 4% more damage which is a 2.2% increase. Getting 5% more crit would give me a 5% higher damage to do 100% more damage which is a 5% damage increase. Simply speaking.

Yet strikethrough is rated as almost twice as strong in flat healing increase.

Does this mean there’s a crit cap or diminishing returns in crit that I’m somehow hitting? Or is strikethrough somehow stronger than I’m imaginging?

What’s the math behind healing crits/strikethrough?

As you pointed out, it’s not going to be a perfectly simple calculation…

But, I think what we’re probably seeing here is that bigger crits for healers will not realize the entire gain because crit heals overheal more often. So, bigger crits may not have as much value as would be apparent in an ideal situation where you never overheal.