Suggestion: A multi-spec legendary prioritization option

I’ve been using AMR for quite a while, and I believe that there’s no way for me currently to use the Upgrade Finder → Legendaries feature for more than one spec at the same time. And I actually want to do this.

I know that I can kind of achieve that for a few DPS-only classes by simply looking at the top Legendaries for each spec and find out if any multi-spec Legendary shows up among the top 3 or something for two or three specs, but this becomes much less likely for hybrid classes that can tank, DPS, and heal. And I don’t even know if eyeballing it that way with hybrid classes will lead to the best decisions. So, I would like AMR to give me specialization tickboxes under the Legendaries subcategory so I can tick multiple specs, and AMR basically considers the best Legendary for all those specs, rather than a legendary that works only with one spec, if you see what I mean.

I also realize that there aren’t that many multi-spec legendaries, but patch 9.1 did add quite a few, I believe, with a Covenant legendary at Renown 48. Add those to the existing multi-spec legendaries, and add all that on top of the long-term consideration of which gear item to set as the legendary, especially with the Domination-sockets situation, and we can certainly use mathematically optimum results when picking a multi-spec legendary, rather than just subjectively eyeballing things.

This will be very useful for users who just do not want to invest too much time on a single character to farm multiple legendaries for it.

Thank you.