Suggestion about gem sockets and a upgrade finder bug

Had a suggestion to add a global setting for the upgrade finder to show items if they would be an upgrade if it also had a gem socket. Basically add a socket and bump it to upgrade status with some obvious graphical formatting to let us know the item would only be an upgrade with a socket. With the ability to add sockets to the items that drop from 8.3 content it would be nice to know.

Also the crafted section of the upgrade finder has been showing upgrades for my characters that aren’t available to them because in this expansion most of the crafted items have profession restrictions. I can’t use the crafted rings or gloves on my herb/alch mage because they are jewelcrafter and tailor restricted. Same for my warrior it shows the rings even though he BS/Miner. And it also doesn’t seem to show the 470 ilvl crafted legs and belts even though he can make and equip that level item from Blacksmithing. Anyway that I think has been broken for awhile.

We intentionally show all of the crafted gear, so that you can decide whether it would be worth grabbing that profession to make those items or not.

Apologies to @mrunderwonder for the hijack, albeit related…
Can we have an option, within crafting, to show/ignore professions (esp. ones that offer BoP gear) that we don’t have?
I get that some change prof’s with their shorts, but some of us don’t & would prefer to only see what we can make. :slight_smile:

To see just upgrades for a particular profession, type the name of the profession into the search box. (In general, you can search for anything that shows up in the “drop location” text.)

I agree that a default setting with your specified professions makes more sense with the ability to see other profession gear with a filter or switch.

Any comment on the socket addition to upgrade finder?