Suggestions: A talent-comparison feature & a premium optimization & gearing automation feature

Hey. So, I read that AMR has this “pick what you like” policy or approach when it comes to talent selection, but I’m hoping that I can convince some decision-makers to — not exactly change the approach but — add another option for users who prefer a different approach.

See, I think that most or at least a significant percentage of users, who care enough about simulating their character(s) or optimizing their gear to pay a reasonable price for it, would also probably be curious if one or two “off-meta” talents here and there would help them squeeze a bit more DPS, HPS, or perhaps even toughness-over-time for their tanks than the results produced by meta talents. I, at least, do not pick talents that I subjectively like or prefer, with the rare exception when the meta build is too cumbersome, difficult to use, or works best with endgame gear, and I’m still a beginner in the class or my gear is too weak to really benefit from the raiding meta build (too low haste or whatever, for example). I actually go to Wowhead and Icy Veins, find out what the meta build(s) for my spec is, and I use that build the vast majority of the time. Even some of the single-talent changes I may make sometimes are still “meta” changes, like changing from Balance to Restoration affinity on my Guardian Druids when tanking certain affixes in Mythic+ dungeons.

And I gave the details above to follow up by saying that I don’t think I’m all that special really among WoW players who sim or pay to have easier and quicker ways of optimizing their gear. I think a significant percentage of similar users to me would want to squeeze out the maximum performance from their alts by changing a few talents here and there if going off-meta in a couple of talents means that they can get better performance with their current gear. And in the end, it’s going to be up to those users to judge for themselves whether that 2% or 5% extra DPS that they got after using those new talents are worth the trouble or not, or whether the new talents are too cumbersome in practice to actually pull off that theoretical extra DPS. And AMR can always add a little disclaimer under its projected increase or decrease in DPS, clarifying that those changes are theoretical and actual results in practice may differ from player to player based on countless unpredictable factors, for those users who need to be reminded of this common sense.

And by way of “easier,” I hasten to add another suggestion:

I hope that copying the “Export” text in-game can be made much, much easier and faster soon. Easier and faster as in, requiring just one click or, much more ideally, one press of a key bind. I’m more than happy with an extra AMR button on my Titan Panel or even my minimap! And I’d be even happier with a new key to be dedicated to copying the AMR Export text of my current character & spec, as that would save me finding the AMR button with the movement of my mouse cursor; pressing a key is something you can do mindlessly and much faster, and that’s good for administrative, repetitive, uncreative tasks like copying and pasting. And yes, I level up enough alts, and try to squeeze as much out of my limited in-game budget and gear as I can, so I optimize very often, to actually prefer to use whatever limited space or keys I have to be dedicated to the easy copying of my AMR’s Export text.

Then, pasting the Export text into AMR’s website can be made even easier too, I’m sure! Giving the user the option of having the “AMR ADDON” field permanently open on the website, and also putting the cursor there by default, would be a great start.

Further potential of improvement would require more significant development time to use an AMR app that synchronizes with the in-game AMR addon, kind of like how it works with Wowhead’s, TSM’s, or Warcraftlogs’s apps, but maybe even on a better level, where the user presses one key to copy their character’s and spec’s AMR Export text and simultaneously have that text fed into the AMR app for a quick optimization of their choice, in my case, a Best in Bags optimization. Then, if needed, maybe another key press to send the optimization results to the in-game addon and automatically equip the Best in Bags gear.

Maybe that can be viewed as “too much investment/effort,” but let me hasten to add that I would most probably be willing to pay, say, $0.5 extra monthly for such a feature alone. If you give me an optional extra premium feature of “automating the alt-tabbing and copying and pasting” for me, I’m happy to pay extra for it. Yes, maybe a few users who have poor grasp of economics and how pricing works would complain and call it “greed” but you can’t make everyone happy sometimes anyway. I understand that extra development and features require extra workforce time, and in this case, I’m happy to pay extra for it. And I also really appreciate it when services are priced on several levels to accommodate different needs and budgets.

We do give some data about talents and how we think they stack up against each other on the guide pages, e.g. Havoc Demon Hunter Guide - Ask Mr. Robot

The talent section shows some general ranking data for both single-target and multi-target scenarios, and you can tweak the thresholds to your liking to get a rough idea of how close in value different talent builds might be.

We tried to set that data up in a way that encourages people to try different talent builds rather than forcing them into thinking they have to use one particular build. We did that by “grouping” the talents into “tiers” that we feel are all of roughly similar value. We also made the relative size of the bars realistic so as not to exaggerate the tiny differences between many builds, but rather emphasize their similarity.

We have toyed around with the idea of including talents in the optimizer in the past… but whenever we come around to it, we always end up in the same place: we think it is better for people to choose their talents based on preference (with a little bit of data to guide them as in the guides), then optimize to get the most out of that play style.

It would also be very computationally intensive to add talent optimization on top of gear optimization – you start increasing run time by an order of magnitude or more, depending on which talents you are analyzing.

In the past we have considered e.g. using our simulation client program as a way to automatically import/export your character. It can certainly be done. At one point we had an overwolf app that did it. It’s on the list of possible future enhancements.

As for a single key to copy the addon string to the clipboard, that is not possible as far as I know. Addons do not have direct access to the clipboard (which they rightly should not, for security reasons).

I’m probably biased because I’ve been using our site so much for so long, but I find the current process to be relatively quick… I press whatever icon/button to open the addon (you can bind a macro with /amr show to whatever key you want), the export tab automatically selects the text, so i press Ctrl+C. Then I alt-tab to the website, press the Import from Addon button that is always visible at the top of the page, it automatically focuses the import box, then press Ctrl+V. Now I’m ready to optimize.

Thank you for telling me about the talent coverage in your class guides, yellowfive. I actually didn’t know that you had such guides. I’ll definitely be taking a look at the classes that I’m interested in.

As for what you mentioned regarding the enhancements I suggested, I’m grateful that it is something that could be on the list of future enhancements.

And I’m glad that you described the current process of optimizing gear in such detail. I just invite you to count the number of keypresses and clicks involved and compare that with the potential of having to press just one key to send the data to a desktop AMR app, which automatically feeds the optimization results back to the game addon (no copy-paste involved as I understand what you meant about the security of client data). Also, don’t think of the count of keypresses and clicks as something that you do once or twice a day, because I do this dozens of times every day. I don’t know if this sounds surprising to you, but that’s what I meant when I said that I level and gear up multiple alts; I really end up going through this repetitive process of multiple keypresses and clicks, including Ctrl+Xs and alt-tabbing, more times than I can count every day, at least in the dozens. It really does get very tedious and repetitive. And as you can see, I’m a heavy AMR user, and it is such a user who will probably need enhancements the most, especially once that reduce repetitiveness and tedium.