TBC AMR Upgrade Finder recommending Sunwell badge gear

Gavel of Naaru Blessings and Scryer’s Blade of Focus (which my resto shaman is being recommended) won’t be available for Badges of Justice until Sunwell. Same as everything further down this page Burning Crusade Classic Badge of Justice Guide - Guides - Wowhead

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i posted the same issue, just want to bump the thread.

Please add an option / toggle for Phases and Season respectively.

I can add a phase filter for the badge of justice upgrade finder search.


This goes for rep and crafted too. Items that won’t be in the game for a long time are being recommended.


Ogrila rep items are also in and shouldnt be either in phase 1

Ogri’la Aegis was a specific example when i was searching for rep upgrades

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wow that was fast, tnx alot =)

Regal Nightseye wont be ingame untill last phase