TBC - Beast Mastery Hunter - Ranged Hit Bug?


Trying out the new release on the TBC optimizer and it looks like there is something wrong with the Ranged Hit Calculation.

Currently my hit rating is 111 or 7.04%

When I hit best in bag, the only optimizations are enchants and gems, none of which have +hit on them, but the optimized shows it should be 9.09% hit.

Keep in mind, the +hit from equipping a bow as a troll hunter no longer exists, it is now +1% crit
I also checked my consumable and confirm that I have Warp Burger selected (+agi) and not Spicy Hot Talbuk.

Import String
$3;US;Kirtonos;Urmummy;Go Left;9;2;70;0:0;1;.s1;HUNTER;5020120052501224310510505201205000000000000000000000000000000000;.q1;22436s5e1891;631s12;4407s10x23097y958e-297;327s3x-4y-23e1392;73s7e24;401s1x0y8381e-7;234s2;78s16;69s6;90s8x-8348y-6e-346;11s11;15s18e66;610s15e-2355;1s14;144s9e1225;249s13;.inv;1973;847;135;1380;2322;348;1587;581;108;171e2646;2892;185;315;365;252;467;37;1446;367;1071e-1735;3e976;83e-1640;2e2359;1e-20;1e0;1e-22;1e-677;1e4;249;521;197;495;69;27;213e632;2;75;232e746;298;5;52;7;343;132e-705;6e0;126;568;1;645;100;16;49;32;194;77e0;4;33e-1715;174;1;2;104;215;231e1737;1e417;1e-397;1e-719;1e677;1;1e-971;13;1;67;49;1;1;1;1;1;234e930;1;16;0;0;2;1;0;6;0;2;0;0;121;46;37e41;279;206;28e-41;13;2;196;372;132;84;10;215;852;43;55;97;21;4;110;48;91;76;64;2;1372;100;10e0;132;0;1;0;0;75;126;0;0;32;11e123;22;109;7;70;66;4x23097e357;47x931y0z27e-342;60;27e-97;77;29;34;103;23e158;68;83;9x-27y0z27e290;47;40x0y7813;420;35;46;105;17;0;0;74e-351;3;1;0;0;200;67;118;359;382;200;96;22;99;2;32;2;5;247;77;55e-97;35;90;49;6;1;22;3;48;2;12;6;183;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;127;466;1278;37;17;0;962;25;2;3370;43;146589;6$

Send to Addon String
$3;US;Kirtonos;Urmummy;Go Left;9;2;70;0:0;1;.s1;5020120052501224310510505201205000000000000000000000000000000000;.q1;22436s5t106e2661;631s12t107;4407s10t108x24028y0e-97;327s3t109x0y0e153;73s7t110e295;401s1t111x0y8381e-9;234s2t112;78s16t113e219;69s6t114;90s8t115x-544y0e-565;11s11t116;15s18t117e67;610s15t118e-2356;1s14t119;144s9t120e1523;249s13t121$@HunterBeastMastery1@Beast Mastery@e\2661\0\27960\6 Strength, 6 Agility, 6 Intellect, 6 Stamina, 6 Spirit\22449=4,22445=4,22446=4@e\2564\0\25080\15 Agility\22448=3,22446=3,22451=2@e\2717\0\29483\14 CriticalStrike, 26 AttackPower@e\3012\0\35490\12 CriticalStrike, 50 AttackPower@e\3003\0\35452\16 Hit, 34 AttackPower@e\3222\0\42620\20 Agility\22445=8,22446=4,22449=6,22451=2@e\2657\0\27951\12 Agility\22446=8,22445=8@e\2724\0\30260\27 CriticalStrikeRanged@e\368\0\34004\12 Agility\22446=1,22445=4,22451=1@e\1891\0\27905\4 Strength, 4 Agility, 4 Intellect, 4 Stamina, 4 Spirit\22445=6,22447=6@e\1891\0\20025\4 Strength, 4 Agility, 4 Intellect, 4 Stamina, 4 Spirit\14344=4,16204=15,16203=10@e\1594\0\33996\26 AttackPower\22445=8@e\2986\0\35417\10 CriticalStrike, 30 AttackPower@e\3010\0\35488\10 CriticalStrike, 40 AttackPower@e\1593\0\34002\24 AttackPower\22445=6

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I had to create a new BM Hunter tab as Imp Faerie Fire wasn’t showing. Deleted the old setup.

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It’s better to post a snapshot (use the help link above the gear table) - then I can see all the settings you are using.

When I import that string and do BiB, the final set up has 96 hit rating, which gives 6.09% hit. Imp. FF gives the remaining 3%.


Ahh I see.

Not sure if you want me to make a new post but I’m having a really odd issue with this.

Currently, the optimizer wants me to put +25 agi to 2h on my Legacy.

When I select and force +35 agi (Major Agi) to 2h on legacy, then hit reoptimize, it changes to Sonic Spear and recommends +20 agi to 2h. (plus a whole heap of other changes)

When I select and force +35 agi to 2h on Sonic Spear, then hit reoptimize, it changes to 1 handed weps.

Something appears to be wrong with the high tier agi weapon enchants. Unless there’s a legit reason to want less agi on your 2hand?

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We’ll figure out why the weapon enchant is behaving strangely.


Thank you. I know its prob pretty crazy today so there’s no rush from me, I’ll hold off on new gems and enchants for now and let you folks do your thing.

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Not sure if this is related to the enchant bug, but just exploring some stuff and its kind of all over the place.

With this setup: 4c4f47b2195845fe905ce9119357a323

All I do is press the lock for the gloves it is already suggesting I wear, then when I reoptimize it changes other gear (bracers for ex).


It really seems like it is not optimizing for the true Best in Bag the first go around.

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We can’t brute-force the solution, mainly because of gems. If you provide a different starting point to the optimizer (different locked items), it might find a slightly different solution. We can’t say that we will 100% of the time find the set of gear in BiB that will get the absolute maximum, but we can get you to within an extremely small margin of the absolute maximum in a second or two. We trade off that very small amount of error for speed - that’s what we’ve always done. Waiting around for a long time to get an extra theoretical 0.05% DPS is not practical or noticeable to the player in-game.

Our definition of “all over the place” is a little different :wink: I think 0.05% DPS is negligible and well within any reasonable margin of error for a gear optimizer.

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I guess it just seems weird (and very costly) that so much can change with that little selection. For me the reason I use AMR is because every website out there has a different BIS set, but they’re always 1 off perfect raid comp cases. AMR normally gives me confidence that I’m getting close to the best I can. It’s easy to build a great set on a friday with some beers, but AMR for me is (or was in Classic) very useful for late-phase gearing where you can find those small changes to squeeze a little bit more out of your set.

I can see the enchants are mostly working now (still picks savagery instead of major agility despite showing a +0.34% gain).

Which leads me back to the issue above. While 0.05% is certainly negligible, 0.43% isn’t (in the spirit of min/maxing).


Just selecting those gloves.


I definitely see what you’re saying that it can’t be perfect without being slower, and that gems add a level of complexity to the calculations. I guess it just adds more guessing and testing than I expected.


Another example with an even bigger difference:

vs picking skulkers greaves:


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We can try to improve some of these cases. In general, we consider within 0.5% to be very good considering the huge possible search space. That has always been our goal. When it gets above that, we try to improve it, even though it would be technically hard to tell a difference in game until you get to around a 4% difference or so.

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When it gets above that, we try to improve it, even though it would be technically hard to tell a difference in game until you get to around a 4% difference or so.

Valid point, most people don’t notice a difference in a few %… but most people also don’t theorycraft. I guess my point is that without the confidence that AMR can find those fractions of a percent gain, there is considerably less incentive to use (pay for) AMR vs just guessing with any of the several free BiS lists that have alternatives and such.

Without confidence in knowing the optimizer is truly optimizing your gear (within reason), it’s not really any better than a site like 70upgrades since I’m still forced to play around with gear combinations. Plus people will think I’m a jackass if I claim to be theorycrafting with suboptimal (again, within reason) gearing.

At the end of the day, if you folks make the 0.5% threshold you mentioned above, that’s perfectly acceptable to me. But that is not the current case, and missing something like a base item slot (legs) for nearly 1% gain (0.85%) is rough.

Obviously, it just got released so it’s understandable that it’s not perfect right out of the gate. I do appreciate the time and effort you and your team have put into this and I look forward to using it throughout TBC.