TBC Gemming Threshold

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I’ve been trying to optimize fight times and such (mostly just using average fight time not including chess or nightbane atm), and doing so tells me to stack agi gems for the agi. I’m cool with that, however, it does break my meta gem. In the scheme of things, I can see how the extra agi from ignoring gem colours is the more optimal option. But this had me wondering:

Would it be possible to add a gem threshold similar to the stat thresholds for minimum stats like Ranged Hit? Ex. requiring 2 blue gems, 2 yellow gems, 2 red gems minimum.

I feel like that could be very valuable.

We can think about it - the gems are very difficult to deal with. They create all sorts of constraints on the optimization that become complex quickly. Adding even more options to constrain the gems is going to be a tall order for a very small gain.

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Fair enough, thank you for the quick response :slight_smile:

A different but related issue with gems that I think a lot of people might agree with:

As a jewelcrafter and heroic dungeoner, there are a number of Epic gems that are available, however, when selecting the Epic gem threshold, I am bombarded with options that are Phase 3 and up, and a few gems that never actually got released into the game during vanilla. (Delicate Fire Ruby)

Is there any way to… backup what you have on gems and delete all of the stuff that doesn’t exist currently or put it behind some sort of option wall? I’m sure it would help with the processing time wouldn’t it? At the very least there should probably be a “No Crafted” option in the Gem Quality dropdown, for the people who don’t have JC. Similar to the “No Void Crystals” option for enchants.

If it helps, feel free to throw me a list of the gems you folks are counting in the optimizations and I’ll even go through myself to delete the ones that aren’t in game, or put some sort of phase tag on them?

Edit: Turns out the +20 agi to 1h enchant isn’t out yet either. This has to be unnecessary clutter for your machine. Hopefully a Phase 2 one since it’s only violet eye exalted.

We’ll clean up the item data for the gems - there’s a bunch of junk in the data that we downloaded and not all of it got cleared out.

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