TBC item from HC showes even if HC in upgrade tab not checked


item in mind is Hydra-fang Necklace. I know some loot is shared between HC and normal but not this stuff in Underbog.

I was going by the information on wowhead for normal vs. heroic version of dungeons:

That page claims the 115 items drop from both normal and heroic… but I can make the 115 items heroic-only if that’s the case. I’ve had to correct some of the other normal vs. heroic info from there.


go for upgrades and filter items for underbog in general, there’s many items that arent suppose to be there. The necklace is fixed indeed but just now I noticed underdog still shows about 10 items for lvl 70 for HC option unchecked.

Which items, and which source are you using to determine what only drops in heroic and what only drops in normal?

uh common sense, UB does not drop any lvl70 items on normal, it never did. It has lvl 63 loot table. But say its from atlas loot. same as UB HC drops only lvl 70 items. There are no overlaps in UB as far as I know (unlike in some higher lvl normals).

OK I’ll take a look – should be easy enough to determine if that’s the case. I had been filtering mostly based on wowhead data and ilvl, but for some of these dungeons it seems filtering on required level is a better approach.