Time Remaining or Setups Remaining?

Is there any way to estimate how much is remaining to be done on a simulation?

Last night I started as simulation estimated at 9 hours. It’s been 12 hours. That’s fine, if it finishes within 45 hours it’s still the same order of magnitude.

But is there any way to tell how much there is remaining to do? I can see that 4235 setups have been completed, but is that out of 5K or 10M?

There are kind of two “modes” that large batches run in right now… the first runs on a single client, and it both generates the batch and runs it simultaneously. It unfortunately cannot give a time estimate because it doesn’t know how many total runs it is going to do until it is done…

The second mode uses multiple clients, and is turned on if you connect more than one client. In that case, it can predetermine how many runs there will be, and will show you something like “X of Y completed”.

I may look into changing how the single client one works in the future so it can give better progress reporting… I did it the way it is now to conserve memory when running very large batches.

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Wait, we can connect more than one client? So we can lean 2+ machines into sim work?

Does this happen automatically by just logging on 2+ clients (presumably on diff machines), before queuing sims?

With apologies if this is documented already, could you point us in the right direction?

I believe that is the case. Just start another client, log in and should start using both.