Tome of Unraveling Sanity - Affliction

So I’m trying to compare my 860 Arcano trinket with a 940 Tome of Unraveling sanity trinket and it only shows a very negligible upgrade despite the extreme ilvl. I’ve been fine believing this for a while until I compared what AMR shows the effect of the trinket and what the dungeon journal in game shows. I don’t know if they buffed the trinkets that didn’t end up being updated in AMR, but the stats in game appear clearly higher in game than AMR claims they are.

For example, in AMR, a 940 Tome apparently does a 414,464 shadow dot over 12 seconds and then applies a crit buff of 2,556 for 12 seconds.

In game however, the journal shows the Tome applies a 664,927 dot over 12 seconds and a crit buff of 3,082.

This is quite a difference. The other ilvl versions of the trinkets are similarly off. Am I missing something? I thought maybe the artifact passive might affect something that would read differently in game, but the passives clearly don’t account for that much of an increase (more than 50% DoT damage increase?) and there’s no passive that could possible cause the crit number to show higher than it is (20% higher).

Any clarification on this would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that in the simulation report, both the buffs window and the damage report shows that the effect of this trinket only applies a ~117k dot and 1.9k crit buff. This makes it even more confusing.

You can’t really go by tooltips. The tooltips on the simulation reports are just served up by wowdb and might not scale to the ilvl of the one you simulated. You have to look at the actual damage it did in the simulation.

I’m pretty sure it is simulating correctly. The fact that crit is not as good as mastery and haste is probably making it a rather poor trinket compared to the over-budget arcano.

That makes sense. I just wanted to make absolutely sure that an 860 is indeed less than 1% worse than a 940 Tome trinket. The tooltips displayed in AMR started to make me doubt that but clearly Affliction is one of those specs where secondary stats are supreme and Arcano provides a lot of them.

Thanks for clearing that up for me. I wasn’t sure exactly what the sim was doing behind the scenes in regards to accuracy of the currently existing trinkets.