Tournament Realm "not found"

Hey folks, is it possible to get AMR working with the tournament realms or am I gonna have to use simc? Get the following error when I try to import


Realm tag is as follows
$97;EU;EU Mythic Dungeons;Redactdh;

Just to note its possible to get around the error by manually correcting EU Mythic Dungeons to a ‘valid’ EU realm name, eg $97;EU;Silvermoon;Redactdh;

Good luck for the tournament !

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Yeah I’d say just use that workaround for now. If you want to make sure it doesn’t overlap with a “real” character, you could change it to one of the PTR realms, e.g. Broxigar.

I’d have to find a list of the tournament realm names… they don’t seem to be available unless you’re actually in the tournament.