Toxic Thorn Footwraps

Hey !

Do you mind looking into the “Toxic Thorn Footwraps” ranking to me sure is does considere the fact that it can either heal or do dps so the proc rate is divided between the two option (dps or hps).
I suppose it’s something like : in a 20 man raid + boss ou have 1/21 chance to do dmg and not healing.


I can take a look – I think that I assumed heal spells would always heal, and damage spells would always damage. So the split would be based on how often you use one compared to the other. If that’s not the case and it just randomly either heals or damages, I can change that.

Well sadly I have no backup on that information… So the current ranking on AMR could be totally valide.

I’ll make an adjustment in the next update to make the estimate more dynamic with your dps/hps slider value. My guess is that it will bring the value down a bit.

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