Trinket - Empyreal Ordnance - Spire of Ascension

Hi !

In the Upgrade Finder i have an item listed call “Empyreal Ordnance”. Apprently i can’t get it as monk in any loot spec (tank, dps melee or heal).

So idk if it should show in the Upgrade Finder or not ?

What do you think ?

In theory you could have someone in your group that’s eligible for that loot trade it to you.

I’m guessing it’s being recommended to you for Mistweaver? It would be kind of odd for an INT proc trinket to be highly valued for AGI specs.

Yeah it’s for Mistweaver.
And also true i could get it from mates that why i’m not sure 100% it should be removed from Upgrade Finder. It’s still a nice intellec trinket.

Yeah that sort of item is a tough call… on the one hand it is nice to see it ranked, but on the other hand it is hard to obtain as a monk. I could go either way on it…

I say keep it, maybe a warning sign on it to say “need to be obtain through someone else can’t bee looted directly” ? To avoid people like me running it 2 times and dont tchek if i can loot it xD