Twilight Bloom really that good?

AMR keeps suggesting a 148 trinket in my bag for healing… the Twilight Bloom from the Theater mini-boss. I have a 200 Darkmoon Repose, I have 213 Consumptive (I get not that good), I have 190 Inscruptable Device, I have the Tuft of Smoldering at 200.

But AMR just thinks that 148 trinket is good. It has half the int of the other trinkets and unless it has a crazy proc-rate, I don’t understand why it wants me to choose it.

This is for Resto-Druid Raid healing.

All of the higher item level trinkets you mentioned have an “On Use” effect and the Twilight Bloom is the only trinket with an “Equip” effect. By default, AMR will only recommend one trinket with an “On Use” effect which you can change on the setup tab.

If that’s not the reason, you’ll need to provide a Snapshot ID generated by clicking on the “Help” link above so someone from AMR can take a closer look.

Like this?

I set it to unlimited on use trinkets and it still picks this 148 trinket.
Correction (146) trinket.

Am I posting this in the wrong place?

That ranking looks a bit off to me - we’ll check it out. The darkmoon card should rank higher.