Unable to add equipped trinket to custom setup

Snapshot: c5f4ede815094a878045b2af159eb8ae

I have the Tablet of Despair trinket equipped on my toon. In the AMR suggested setup, the trinket 2 slot is simply blank and I am unable to select the item to add it to the custom setup, though it appears in the current loadout for my character on the left side of the BiB screen. It almost seems like the item itself is bugged, as I am unable to find “Tablet of Despair” in any searchable fields in AMR.


Yeah this is one of those rare edge cases: you have max on-use trinkets set to 1, and your only two trinkets are both on-use. Furthermore, one of your trinkets is not appropriate for your spec (it is an intellect trinket), so the optimizer more or less ignores it. Thus it is only seeing one trinket available for your spec.

If you get another trinket appropriate for your protection spec, everything should work out – and make sure to set the max on-use item setting to your desired limit.

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