Unexpected result - Queensguard's Vigil


Queensguard’s Vigil (ilevel 164) is being suggested for both DPS and TUF on my blood DK and also my Unholy DK (even though you need to take damage to proc it). It would be great to understand why it’s being suggested over ilevel 200 trinkets.


Can you use the help link to generate a snapshot id and post that here? That will let me see your exact situation.

I’ve obtained some more items since posting this and it’s no longer selecting Queensguard’s Vigil. I just realised it was defaulting to a single ‘on use’ item which is most likely the reason this was happening. Changing that setting to 2 now gives me two trinkets that have the high rankings I can see when I select the individual items.
i guess we can rename this to: Unexpected result: User Error