Unknown problem with SYM

This time this is happening:

  • Selected my character ( Xixini@Stormrage)
  • Go to Simulate then Combinations
  • On Gear,I’ve selected a list of all 288 equippable items from M+ (got 70 combinations)
  • Let everything else on default
  • Click on Simulate
  • A new browser window open with this sequence of actions:
    – Queued
    – 0/32 (0%) completed…
    – Error while executing: Repeat Task: AutoAttackOff AutoAttackOff is in a Repeat action but returned 0 for its cooldown. Repeat actions must always return a non-zero cooldown or cast time.

On my AskMrRobotClient simclient this shows when it try to SIM:

What I’m doing wrong? I’ve did some other SIMs today with no errors.


Tryed to remove Staffs from the SIM: the SIM happens, but the counter is incorrect: said 49 setus (aprox.) but only tun 29. Think it’s because there is duplicted items on both tables (main/offhnd) then the SIM just ignoring the duplicated.

The first error seems like maybe a blank off-hand for a dual wield character?

The simulator will only do unique combinations of gear, so if any would be duplicates (or impossible to equip) it will skip them.

Okay, understand the “blank off-hand for a dual wield”… but how to run DW versus staff combinations, then?

That should be fine… I wonder if there is a simulator action or a piece of rotation logic that is having trouble with it… could you give me a link to the simulation report of the simulation that is failing?

Simulation Report (askmrrobot.com)

Thanks, I’ll take a look at it. I did some tests with just a generic windwalker and it did a mix of 1h and 2h weapon combos with no problem… I wonder if there is a particular weapon or combo of weapons that is causing an issue in this case. I’m currently working on re-ranking a bunch of stuff for season 4 though so it might take me a little bit before I can dig deeper into this one.

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I’ve did the runs on separate to get the best DPS output with DW and staffs.