Update on 25th of sep

when will you guys be doing the update for 25/09 update?

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I would love to know this aswell

Especially for the changes in azerite healing traits. Should i stack 3 saviors or is ephemeral recovery worth stacking. such a big change to azerite talents for healing! I wish we could change individual spells ourself in our own little sand box lol

Working on it – taking a tad longer because I also have a big update to tank gearing strategies that will go into this update. We will make an announcement soon.

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still no update?
im sure everyones paying sub for this!

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Yes! It’s a little bit frustrating, that other sites like raidbots etc. are just up-to-date.
I like AMR more, because you can sim real fights, but if you have to wait for hotfixes to be implemented much longer, that sucks :frowning:
Implement the hotfixes ASAP and later give us the update to tank gearing strategies would be a much better support for your community.

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The hotfixes are in the simulator, so you can run a “best gear” simulation more or less the same as raidbots. Just pick the gear you want, and sim it (as a bonus you can put alot more combinations than raidbots). For the Best In Bag implementation it will be updated pretty soon.

yea… but arnt we all waiting for that best in bag? =S

Can I get noticed if hotfixes are applied to the simulator?

still not updated? unreal… =(

Mates, keep it calm and give Mr.Robot time to implement all fixes in right way.
Honestly, using upped bad traits doesn’t give you big changes in performing if you used GOOD traits before hotfix.
I am also paying for sub but on other side I understand how things work ).

If anyone missed it, the changes was updated yesterday