Upgrade Finder during prepatch

The Upgrade Finder screen now says “Coming Soon! The Upgrade Finder will be back when Shadowlands is released later this year”. It would be nice if it were available a little before that since Titan Residuum is being converted to silver when Shadowlands hits. I would like to know how to spend my TR on potential Azerite gear upgrades.

Yeah we initially planned our updates for Shadowlands around a short pre-patch… but now it is going to last much longer.

I am not sure if it would be worth the effort to update the upgrade finder to handle the pre-patch at this point or not… for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it would take a significant chunk of time to get it dialed in for the pre-patch. Secondly, the game is in a pretty not-balanced state right now, and nobody is really doing comprehensive testing of the game in its current state – there’s not much point since it will change a lot. (Every week on the Shadowlands beta they are making big changes to specs.) This means that any rankings would just be ballpark guesses anyway. Thirdly, everyone will ditch their gear pretty quickly once they start leveling in Shadowlands, and Azerite in particular won’t matter, it will be disabled once you go to Shadowlands zones.

That said, I’m sure people would enjoy using the upgrade finder for the next month or however long it is until Shadowlands is released. I’ll see if we can squeeze something in for the short-term that works well enough or not. Right now we’re pretty buried ensuring that everything will be ready to go when Shadowlands launches though, so I don’t want to get sidetracked for too long on pre-patch stuff.