Upgrade Finder Error

Had an issue with finding upgrades and when it didn’t look right, I was using the Help to create an ID and got this bug at the bottom. The issue I am seeing is this:
Upgrade finder for m10 is showing items that I already have in my bags.

  • My top upgrade is a Lord Waycrest ring which is already equipped.
  • I am recommended multiple daggers but have equipped a 440 with haste/vers instead of a 430 with crit/vers. This should eliminate several of the options in this list.
  • Also recommended a 430 Kul Tiran Cannonball which I already have equipped also, though this shows a 0% upgrade.

Items show in the list should only be items you dont have as BIB should select the better items.


Error converting value “upg” to type ‘TeamRobot.Wow.OptimizerActions’. Path ‘Action’, line 1, position 38.

Ticket Number: 0f25266b05924ce58e999b33550fc646

If you need further assistance, please contact technical support.

Try using the help link above Best in Bags instead of the Upgrade Finder – it should generate most of the same data and can be used to test the upgrade finder too. I’ll look into why help the link on the Upgrade Finder isn’t working.

The upgrade finder will still show items in your bags, probably with a score near zero because you already have them. I can take a look at your case with the snapshot though, see if anything else is going on.