Upgrade finder "purchased" list just shows crafted items

I was looking at the upgrade finder and under “purchased”, expecting this to show things from vendors (rep, etc), but it just shows exactly the same list as for “crafted” (items from inscription, leatherworking, etc). This looks like a bug?

It should generally pick up anything that is Bind on Equip. It might not be getting some things if we don’t have an item source for it yet.

We are working on filling out some more item source information, but we have most of the important stuff in there already (dungeons, raids, crafted, legendary, pvp, etc.).

Thanks! Is there a setting for the upgrade finder to see any rep or covenant gear rewards? Those would be BoP so I guess they won’t show up under purchased. Trying to figure out which of all of these faction rep rewards to prioritize from the random dungeon quests.

Also, totally appreciate all the hard work, and no rush :slight_smile:

Yeah we can take a look and add a few more upgrade finder searches.