Upgrade Finder tells me to use Valor, then BiB doesn't want me to put on the upgraded item

I am having trouble with the Valor upgrade finder results. I exported, put in my upgrade level of 207, and hit Find Upgrades. There were two odd things about the results:

  1. I have a couple of items that I am wearing at 207 from before the patch that are not upgradeable. I also have upgradeable versions of those same items that dropped since the patch. The upgrade finder suggests that I should spend Valor to get to the same ilvl that I’m currently wearing, which seems wrong to me. Shouldn’t those be excluded from the results?

  2. I chose a different item, a ring, and upgraded it from 200 to 207 per the upgrade finder recommendation it should have been ~0.10% better. I then exported, imported and hit Best in Bags. It shows the item I spent Valor to upgrade is a downgrade from my current item, and doesn’t want me to put it on.

What am I missing? Here is a snapshot, thanks in advance for your help!

We’ll look into that issue with non-upgradeable versions of an item conflicting with the upgrade finder results.

Which ring did you upgrade? Was it fleshfused circle?

The discrepancies that you’re seeing are due to the gem+enchant threshold setting for Best in Bags… that is a very handy option, but it can cause some slight discrepancies between Best in Bags results and Upgrade Finder results. If you set it to disabled, you should see what you expect for both of your cases.

Basically how that setting works is Best in Bags finds an optimal solution, then it checks: “are your current gems and enchants close enough? Cool, just leave them as-is.” This is nice and saves some gold. But with the Upgrade Finder… this behavior can cause inconsistencies in the rankings, or it can cause them to change when you don’t expect. It works much better to allow each item to be ranked with the best available gems/enchants that your Gem Quality and Enchant Quality settings allow.

I’ll give some thought on how to more clearly indicate that the Upgrade Finder rankings need to disable that setting to work properly.

Yes, it was Fleshfused Circle. And thank you for both of those replies, that makes so much more sense to me. The gold is not an issue for me, so I will change the threshold for this character to make sure I see things properly next time.