Upgrade Finder wrong for my Vengeance Demonhunter


So when using the Upgrade Finder my dh found here
is being advised to not only go for normal dungeons over mythic+ (so i had to manually de-select them) but it’s also telling me that epic belts beat my legendary belt even though they are 85 item levels below. (And no, before you say, it’s the only legendary i have, it is NOT trying to equip another legendary since i literally only have 1)


Seems very buggy.

We’re working on these issue with tank gear optimization. It is 100x harder than DPS gear optimization. The problem being really that tank gear has diminishing returns - once you are so tough that you aren’t dying at all… getting more gear just doesn’t matter. So, what you are seeing is that the optimizer is essentially getting confused because it doesn’t matter what item you equip.

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He’s not tanky at all though compared to my other tanks without this problem, might be a DH isolated issue?

The issue stems from the fact that, unlike DPS specs, “NPS” or, toughness, is something that has an effective cap. So, we’re working on ways to alter the scoring of items to deal with this.

No i get that, it’s just my demonhunters nps is super low, or is your effectve nps/toughness cap for dh super low compared to paladins/deathknights/druids/warriors, because my other chars sim much higher (better geared) with the exact same settings without any upgrading issue. Just trying to help you guys out.

For reference my paladin without the issue who scores 50k more nps than this dh

edit; This doesnt even make sense, won’t even tell me to change gear at all since everything other than normal upgrades (which is literally less stats all around) is worth 0.

Found a temporary work around, I’ve got about 399k nps but by using your blender options and adding a cap of either higher than 400k (so 440k) or even by adding 1% death chance (both reducing further dps by 90%) everything is suddenly worth value again.

You’ve capped whatever tank metric you’re using far too low, (which was my point since my dh isn’t well geared) resulting in your optimizer not improving my pleb geared demonhunter at all, with the bib feature or the upgrade feature.

Since adding this everything is now working again as expected.

Having to reply because you’ve limited the amount of images per post to 1 for new users is very annoying.

This sim was on +7 hc kros (roughly mythic~)


You need to increases whatever bullshit numbers you’ve got your DH NPS cap at is what I’m getting at.

I guess I didn’t explain it quite right…

First of all, those two simulations are well within margin of error of each other, so they’re effectively equivalent. The margin of error on those two simulations you did was 10k NPS.

The cap on NPS is 500k. That’s a hard cap, not some made-up number. That effectively means you negated all the damage done to you. Once you get above 400k NPS, the value of more toughness diminishes greatly.

We are continuing to tweak the optimizer for tanks, and will have a solution to the lower item level gear being recommended soon.

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Fair enough but you don’t even compensate by giving value to things that don’t improve NPS but instead improve DPS as of right now, at-least my custom settings fix this somewhat for now. The Find Upgrade and Best in Bag doesn’t even work, like i can wear literally anything or nothing in certain slots and amr is okay with that even though it sims 250k NPS and not the 400k that is stated.

Have you tried the “blender” option? That is how you would give value to DPS for a tank. There is a post on the blender and how to use it in the announcements category.

This is exactly what I’ve been doing if you read above, which is why im saying your default settings are whack. I can do the same thing and cap at 400k nps and still find upgrades but your default setting fucks up finding upgrades and best in bags.

What rules are you using with the blender?

Im pretty new with anything like Blender even though I’ve been using AMR for years. My mage, 899, seems to work fine with the upgrades but like the OP, my Veng DH is 899 but being told there are NO upgrades in TOS, or anywhere else for that matter. It could be because I’m restricting the filter too much.

Here’s my AMR
and here is my filter

(continued for 2nd image cause I am new(

Yet when i ask for upgrades whether bonus roll or all, it tells me to downgrade everything

Now, even though I’ve been using AMR for years, Im a nub when it comes to changing the settings, so I havent a clue about blender, simulations or anything else of the sort. So, go easy on me :slight_smile: