Vault upgrade suggest to get item that is already in bag


So, I know it’s my fault I guess I should have double check but.

AMR told me to get a vault item, took 2 days to decide if it’s was the good choice.

So I get it, repast my new bags in AMR and then going in flightstone upgrade to see what to upgrade and I see the same item 2 times suggested for upgrades. Then it hit me. It can’t be.

Yes, I now have the same item twice in my bag.

I’m an idiot but AMR is also a problem here.

Thank for support.

It definitely shouldn’t do that – it’s a little tough to debug without the export that had your available great vault rewards though… at this point I only have the current state after you have obtained both items.

Which item was it? I can try to manually reproduce your case on my dev server.


Item is Scholar’s Thinking Cudgel; Champion 1/8

Thanks – I was able to reproduce the issue, and we’ll have a fix in the next site update, probably tonight or tomorrow.

The update will have a check for an existing item that could be upgraded to be equal or better than a vault reward (and we will have a similar check for the catalyst search as well).

Cool thank you! I hope i won’t have to retry it!