Weapon enchants for hunter wotlk


was wondering why major intellect to weapons and not attack power or agility.

You don’t have very many buffs/consumables chosen, so for the fight length you picked, mana becomes limiting. Shorten the fight length a bit more and it will pick something else.

Think of the fight length not so much as the actual length of the fights you do, but instead how long you would DPS without stopping. So, a 120 sec fight length tells the optimizer that you will be casting a spell non-stop for 120 seconds, which ends up making you have to go into aspect of the viper for some portion of time to get enough mana.

thanks, the only reason I wasn’t sure is because I generally have that as my setting and this is the first time it recommended int over anything else, so I wasnt sure what changed.

You’re probably right on the edge of mana being limiting, so it flipped the enchants on your because of some small change in gear available. The fight length setting is cool, but it can lead to some pretty “jumpy” results sometimes.