Where AskMrRobot has his source?


I was on askmrrobot theory section (https://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/theory/). I find it very very very usefull to understand some game mechanic I didn’t understand.

But I am wondering where formulas came from ? Is it revert ingenering or something like that ? Or blizzard provide them ?

Thank you !

Great website.

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Glad you like the theorycraft wiki! It is definitely a bit more technical, but it is important to us that the details of how our model of the game works are available for anyone to see.

We get most of the information directly from data extracted from the game client, and we do a fair bit of in-game testing for things that can’t be found in the game data itself.

There are a lot of places that extract data from the game client, one very easy and well-maintained place to see the raw data is this website: https://wow.tools/

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Thank you for the answer !