Which is the best Boss script for ST?

Which Boss script is the best for the Gearing Strategy and is V1 or V2 better?

Krosus is a single target script that includes a little bit of movement and a few periods of brief “downtime” (the bridge breaks) where you can’t hit the boss.

Training Dummy is a single target script where you can just tunnel the boss.

Ursoc is a single target fight that is pretty short, which uses bloodlust at the end. It doesn’t include any movement either.

The gearing strategies won’t have major differences regardless of which script you use. Version 2 is still in beta, so, use Version 1. If something looks really off to you, you can try making a version 2 strategy and see if you like the results better.

I like krosus for single target, has some realistic movement in it.

Version 2 is in beta, but generally works well so far if you want something really specific to your setup that will suggest the next few changes to your gear. Just double check the results and report anything weird. Version 1 still works quite well if you don’t want to worry about possible bugs.