Why amr is telling me to equip intellect gem as a Ret Paladin?

This is my first post, so I’m not sure how to post my character, the thing is that is telling me to equip Leviathan’s Eye of Intellect, and yeah I do have main spec of holy but this piece of gear is not being use for both specs is Ret only… so is this an issue or there something I’m missing?

I’d suspect that’s because of your enchant threshold setting on the setup tab.

To get a complete answer you’d need to create a snapshot id by using the “Help” link above Best in Bags and post that here. With that someone else can load a copy of all your settings to see exactly why that’s happening.

tyvm this is the snapshop


This is a little bit of a weird case… your gem/enchant threshold prevents the optimizer from changing the gem that is already in there because it is less than a 0.5% increase to your score. The other item you have available in that slot is less than the DPS increase you would get from socketing crit. The optimizer has correctly identified the waist with the socket as your best item (when you are willing to change the gem), so it leaves it on, but then doesn’t change the gem because technically you are telling it not to :wink: