Why is AMR telling me to add versatility

…when the full details of my stat goals show 100% best includes zero Vers? I’m trying to understand how the graph works. Basically, should we be looking at any one of the pure green columns for a combination of stats that would be near-optimal, or should we look at the furthest column to the right (highest dps -100% of best) for the best combination of stats to use? If it’s the latter, it shows zero for Versatility which confuses me as to why AMR would even suggest putting Vers gems into any of my gear.

Ignore what the bars show you, that’s just a visual guide to which ratio of stats produces the best damage.
Just because the best has zero versatility doesn’t mean that is best for your current gear. It is pretty rare to get gear, in every slot, which has your most desired stats on it. The optimiser is trying to get you the best option from what you have available in your bags.
So currently it thinks versatility will improve your DPS, you can run a single sim on the before and after BiB to compare them, is the result higher for the BiB?

Keep in mind that BiB is trying to get you to within 2% of the best possible in about five seconds, with lots more computing time you might be able to improve it further.

If you’re really unsure of what it’s telling you paste your addon export so somebody else can have a look, more sets of eyes helps spot something unusual, incorrect or suspicious.