Why is BiB calculator not suggesting azerite traits for the rest of my gear?

I have a full set of Benthic gear, I just leveled this alt. My heart is level 15. The BiB calculator is only showing suggestions for my headpiece (which also suggested I use instead of the Benthic one), but leaves all the other Benthic pieces blank. Also, BiB suggests i replace my current trinkets with WOD trinkets???
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It looks like your heart of azeroth level is so low that you can’t actually pick any of the azerite traits yet. Your trinkets are super low item level. Just get a little bit of gear and azerite power and this will all sort out.

You are right: after doing the heart of azeroth quest to upgrade it to level 50, all the traits opened up and became available for AMR (I could actually just pick the first ring before in them), however the trinket issue persists; I have green trinkets from Legion but I’m offered to WOD replacements instead. I’m thinking that, maybe AMR wasn’t designed to provide calculations of very low level gear that has different itemization?

It just looks at the stats on the items - those old items are all “squished” so that they aren’t really that much different in total stats.