Why is this better?

Why for assassination rogue is a trinket with 60 Agi and an on use 2562 absorb shield better than a trinket with 259 AGI, 72 avoidance and an on use for 1080 crit strike?

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Seems like a no brainer that 199 more agi and the added crit strike on use would make it better. Hell even without the crit strike on use i’d expect 199 AGI to make it better all on it’s own.

My guess would be that you have ‘On Use Items’ set to None… but a Snapshot ID - generated within BiB Help - would help get you a solution, if not.

Yeah but they are both On Use Items so even if you have it set to none shouldn’t it still use the other stats on these 2 items and say what is better based on the other stats? Rather than telling me to put on a downgrade that also has an on use on it too…

I would need a snapshot id (use the help link) to answer this. When I do an optimization with default settings I see the first mate’s spyglass chosen, as expected. There must be something with your settings causing the issue - once I can see them we should be able to help.


I know I have have ‘On Use Items’ set to None but that should just put them at the bottom of the priority list and maybe not count the on use effect in calculations right? Because atm i’m yet to get any that aren’t on use. I feel like it shouldn’t tell you to use the worse of the 2 even with that setting set if all you have for that slot atm are all on use items.

Ok, I see. Yeah I’m not sure why it is swapping the trinkets. Since you have on-use items set to zero, it is treating both of those trinkets as equivalent (worth zero). I’d just change the setting to allow one on-use item until you get more trinkets for that slot.