Will there be Classic AQ logging?

Any thought on if you will add AQ to the logger for Classic?

AQ should already be in the list:

Interesting. I expected it to be there for sure, but not seeing it. Maybe I need to delete and reinstall the addon.

Rarely I have seen people with a rendering issue where all the checkboxes don’t draw on their screen – not exactly sure what causes it. Sometimes changing tabs can get them to show up, or you could check if another addon has a conflict (try loading the AMR addon without any of your other addons).

Yeah. I must have been having rendering problem of some sort. I deleted both the save variables and the addon and re-added it and then it seems to have corrected itself. In the past I had a problem when I adjusted the sizing of the dialogue on the options page. Resetting it distorted it, so maybe it was a holdover from that.

Ah – yeah sometimes that can cause issues. You can type /amr reset to restore all of the options to their defaults as well.