World Drop Filter

We currently have several concepts for drops:

  • Boss Drop
  • World Drop
  • Quest Reward

I think the concept of ‘instance drop’ is missing. Some examples of instance drops include:

These items all drop from Nighthold, and are classified as world drops. It would be best if these could be classified as nighthold trash/instance drops, and have a filter to include or exclude them from each difficulty on the item filter. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is an easy solution to implement, and perhaps the prudent answer is to add the additional levels to the world drop filter. The current options are 835/875/all, this could be expanded to 835/860/875/885/all to encompass RaidFinder, N NH, H NH loot.

Additionally, the following is classified as a world drop, when it’s a quest reward for each difficulty:

Other than the quest reward they’re all the BoE items which anyone can get from the Auction House, aren’t they?