Worst in Bags Suggestion

A low priority suggestion for the future, but it would be nice to have a “Soulbound only” or “Exclude BOE” filter for Worst in Bags. Don’t know if it’s possible to do that, but seeing as I am saving a bunch of gear for DE as I’m leveling, and or gear to sell or trade to others that I’m crafting that sits in my bank right now. Plus in the future as I craft stuff I have to go back and exclude every piece as I work through getting rid of them. It would be easier than going through and excluding every piece for us crafters/traders.

Note that if you open up the junk list in-game (while not at a vendor, just open it by itself), if you can disenchant, simply clicking on the items in the list will disenchant them. So you could open up your junk list and disenchant anything first, then open it at the vendor to sell the rest.

This of course doesn’t help for BoEs that you want to keep to sell or trade – you would have to manually exclude those. We could add some more options to make that easier for BoEs though. I’ll put it on the list of things to do.