415 cap on Benthic gear

Any reason the drop down on benthic gear ilvll caps at 415 (vs 425)? Specifically talking about the BiS section.

I’m having to run it at 415 and then go manually adjust in the lists to see the % difference.

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We can add a 425 option for BiS… we’re also going to add an Upgrade Finder feature for it too.


Hate to be a bother but any ETA on when this will change on the BiS page?

In a couple days. We took a little vacation time that was planned a long time ago and of course overlapped with a patch release!

Also, crafted gear is only showing 415 levels and not the new ones

I am seeing all of the new crafted gear both in the standard gear lists (from e.g. gear check and best in slot) as well as the upgrade finder.