AMR down/unresponsive?


Anyone else unable to access I am getting “HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.”


yes me too been like that since wow has came back up


Same here. It knows I’ve loaded a couple characters lately, but even pasting from the addon doesn’t work. Rather, it sort of does but returns an error 503.


Anyone know WTF is going on here?


My guess is that either they are under a DoS attack of some kind, or their newly upgraded server(s) crapped out.


Same here for couple of days now wtf is going on?


I am still experiencing this same problem. Any information that could be provided by the staff would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


i have the same problem. cant even log in on the main site.


Having the issue since this morning. Really sucks. On an unrelated note, my Shadow and Light add-on is broken too. :L


Same thing here, too bad since it’s Tuesday and lots of gear to decide on.


Exactly haha, 965 with crap stats over my 930 but a gain of over 800 STR, trying to see if its worth equipping :S


Same - best in bags and alot of other functions still down hours later ;(


One of our servers failed… I have new ones coming online now, site should be back up again.


Thanks so much for the effort you put into this. It’s tough when something goes down like that, but we appreciate how responsive you all are.


Yeah sorry about that… some of the recent changes we have made are far more server/resource intensive, and it is proving a bit more challenging to scale when traffic peaks, but I’m working on some new changes to improve it.

The web site is back up again, but the optimizer might time out still… those are separate servers, and I am working on getting more of those online as well. Hopefully in just a few minutes those will be up and running too.


It definitely started working, but it looks like it is back to the way it was earlier today.


Yeah it hitched again… this one only lasted a minute or two though. I’m keeping an eye on it and working on some improvements to hopefully eradicate the problem once and for all. I’ll be rolling out various changes over the next several days that will fix it for good, but they will each take a bit of testing and all that before they can be put live.


Looks like it’s still down Wednesday, Dec 6 @ 0600 PST. When trying to paste addon data I recieve the error:

“The specified CGI application encountered an error and the server terminated the process.” on a white browser page.

When I try to load a character from the armory I recieve the error
The server encountered an error.
Please try refreshing the page and/or logging out and back in.
Ticket Number: (no ticket available)
If you need further assistance, please contact technical support.

Unable to log in/out through the AMR home page but I CAN log in from the forums page here.

Chrome Browser, no plug ins, current build. Also can reproduce the issue with Internet Explorer.


Yeah it’s a server error, and after a few minutes it usually goes away.

I did an update last night to try and at least narrow the problem down… I’m working on some more changes the rest of this week to successively replace all the server code and hopefully eliminate this elusive issue.


Just FYI for anyone coming here to see if the problem still exists, it does. I’ve been trying to optimize my gear for about 2 hours now to no avail. Looks like Yellow and his crew are still trying to fix the problem.