Classic WoW Optimizer

Last post I saw regarding it was back in April. And since we now have a launch day and are much closer to it: Are you going to have an optimizer for Classic WoW?

I’m sure it would (maybe?) double the work load that you are currently doing and split time from Live, but I know I would appreciate it.

Maybe not have all the bells and whistles that Live has, but more of a general Optimizer/BiB. Leave out the Upgrade Finder/BiS to reduce the workload.

There will be fewer options (thankfully no m+ to make an infinite number of item possibilities), but the low stat itemization can make it hard to tell what is an upgrade and what isn’t. Especially when trying to get to an ideal amount of spirit/mp5 for healers.

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We’re focused on 8.2 right now… but once everything is squared away with that, we’ll give some thought to WoW classic. We don’t have any specific plans yet, but I’m thinking that we’ll first see how much interest there really is – how many people actually play classic and stick with it enough to want an optimizer.


While blizz hasn’t released the numbers, those servers are now PACKED via pre-character creation. I would love to see AMR on classic, if you guys could spare the time :slight_smile:


I would pay solely for classic support. I do not play modern wow anymore.

I would also pay solely for classic support.

I haven’t played any of current exp (the only one I haven’t) and will be returning to Classic. I was an avid user of AMR and subscriber. I would reactive my subscription solely for Classic.

Same here. Coming back just for classic. would hate to have to go back to the days of spreadsheets if i dont have to.

Ask Mr. Robot is so great! Please add Classic support