DemonHunter Simulation Error



Since a couple days I’m running into an error trying to simulate a gearing Strategy for my DemonHunter.
This is the Error Code: “Error while executing: Repeat Task: AutoAttackOff AutoAttackOff is in a Repeat action but returned 0 for its cooldown. Repeat actions must always return a non-zero cooldown or cast time.”
It cuts off at 32%, this is the latest run: “
Works fine for both of my Healers tho.



I still need to look into this… did the base character setup you used have a weapon with a special/proc effect on it? If so, try equipping two “normal” weapons and running it again. It should have no or minimal impact on the results, and might avoid the error until I can get to it.


Yes, indeed.
Normally I have the Bile-Stained Crawg Tusks equipped. I tried it with another Weapon and it worked, thanks for the quick help.
Can you Reply again please if the bug is fixed?
Don’t need to hurry tho =)