Multiple gear sets



I’m a mythic raider and also a M+ dungeoner.

I use the BiB feature for both raiding & M+, and it (quite understandably) recommends me different sets of gear.
However, I can only import one of those sets in the in-game addon, and have to manually create a new gear set and swap.

Would it be possible to have more than the 3 sets imported in the addon ?

e.g. Prot:M+ / Prot:Raid / Ret:M+ / Ret:Raid, etc.

Thanks !


That is one the list of features we are going to add. We just haven’t had the time yet!


Good to hear !

Can’t wait to have this in


Any update on this feature?


We are working on a new version of the site, and this is one of the major design considerations. We’re going to be putting up a new beta site in the coming months that will be running a BfA version of the site, and all these new features will be on the beta site.


Good, very much applaud being able to have “stored” several different gear sets. Rihgt now I am running 3 different sets, but they are all based around 3 different legendaries. As we know, those are going away in BfA so it seems this is someting more needed now that once BfA drops. Please at least consider that specific feature for before BfA.


BfA is going to have it’s own gearing complexities with the special armor, so people will want multiple gear sets most likely going forward as well, especially since different types of fights favor different stat priorities regardless of special effects.

We need to create new UI/UX for supporting multiple gear sets, which we are working on. It’s just not going to happen for the Legion site - we have a development team of 2 people :wink:


Any update on progress or ETA of this feature ? Im maining resto druid and having two different sets (raiding and M+) are screwing with my BiB for secondary and tertiary specs :wink: Multiple sets per spec cant get here fast enough :wink:


It’s on the short list of thing to do : Exporting multiple strategies per spec


Any update or ETA on this feature?


This features isn’t a small one, it need work on the website’s UI and for the addons. Currently i dont think AMR have the time to work on it. They probably are working on the BiB, analysing the logs for the current raid, making new boss script. After all of this have stabilised we will probably have a feedback on the blog with an explanation from Zoop


It is still on the short list of things to do – should be soon-ish. We’re taking a little extra time this first week or two of raiding to make sure all of the gear rankings are tightened up. There is another balancing patch tomorrow, so we’ll be running a few updated rankings with that too. Ideally everything will settle down a bit after this week, and we can get back to new feature development.


In the meantime, would it be possible to give access to the website part of the feature, which works, if I understand well, as a beta feature?


Would love this as I really need different gearsets and talents for raiding and mythic+.

Looking forward to this eventually :slight_smile:


Hey, I’d just like to jump in and echo everyone else here. I would really love to be able to prioritize my BIB by (for my DH) Havoc M+ > Havoc Raid > etc. It wasn’t a huge issue in Legion, but it’s gotten really weird with azerite traits added to the picture. Thanks for your hard work!