2 of 4 Druid Artifact weapons missing from Best In Bag

I am trying to get my druid through Legion, and at the same time trying to manage 4 sets of equipment. AMR BiB will make that a lot easier. However, for Feral and Guardian - the artifact weapons are not even showing up as an option. If I have no other weapon available, it just recommends I put nothing in that slot.

I have both the Fangs of Ashamane and the Claws of Ursoc - and the BiB tool shows them in the “before” slot. However, they are not in the optimized section and they are not selectable manually as an option at all. I have had to lock-in the weapons before on other characters (Rogue The Kingslayers always tried to put the offhand in the mainhand slot) - but its never been flat out missing with other alts yet.

Any ideas?

Here is my export:

$67;US;Windrunner;Tilana;Descendants of Avalon;6;1;102;0;13:1,15:21,11:1,3:8,12:1;2;.s1;6;3123122;.s2;7;1311111;.s3;8;2313131;.s4;9;1133212;.q1;128858s16b1476y132990p767p713p329;9302s2;3s9v100b1911;1s8v0b0;1s7v0b0;1s10v0b0b1;1s1v0b-1b1;1s3v0b-1;1s6v0b0;2s13;17s15;4s5v0b0b2;258s11v0b-2;324s14;399s12;.q2;116075s13;12784s17;1s16;4104s14v100b767;5196s2;3s9v0b2620;1s8v0b0;1s7v0b0;1s10v0b0b1;1s1v0b-1b1;1s3v0b-1;1s6v0b0;19s15;4s5v0b0b2;258s11v0b-2;723s12;.q3;116075s13;12746s16;1s17;4142s14v100b767;5196s2;3s9v0b2620;1s8v0b0;1s7v0b0;1s10v0b0b1;1s1v0b-1b1;1s3v0b-1;1s6v0b0;19s15;4s5v0b0b2;258s11v0b-2;723s12;.q4;128306s16;9854s2;3s9v100b3387;1s8v0b0;1s7v0b0;1s10v0b0b1;1s1v0b-1b1;1s3v0b-1;1s6v0b0;2s14;17s15;4s5v0b0b2;258s11v0b-2;324s13;399s12;.inv;765;20;1662;924;2091;514;686;171;0;2;393;925;376;302;15;2908;1066;622;21;1;2;581;3678;776;444;83;2185;2;39;54;1528;3142;66;6189;921;293;0;1;2109;163;2746;0;1602;5;0;4255;2;1;126;24;120;191;0;0;0;0;0;2;0;6;187;86;700;0;603;349;5603;1;2120;2387;14;344;890;2;1;5;50;347;4633;0;2783;1;2;990;540;8637;3;0;19;1;0;0;10045;1256;1168;545;0;499u451;14703;4682;0;0;0;0;0;80;42;0;0;0;0;1;0;0;0;0;0;5;0;0;0;0;1;0;0;0;0;1;1;0;0;0;0;1;0;0;0;0;1;0;0;0;0;5;1;13;4;66;1;2;1;40;322;40;3;66;867;49;948;942;762;1;283;2e4434;444;137;1;2;485;129;36;27;14;686;545;342;1097;608;254;121;422;6;911;368;763;3156;19;317;1;3398;468;2;344;118;53;37b1476y132990p767p713p329;9313;603;1418;1100v110b336;0v0b0;154;6434;14756$

I’d guess that’s because AMR is primarily designed to work with max level characters and I’d suspect much of the code required for compatibility with Artifact weapons has been removed.

Both of those specs had the “problem” of having artifact weapons of a weapon type not generally used by that spec (daggers and fist weapons). As you’ll never want to use those weapon types AMR will just ignore them to not waste time by running pointless calculations.

Yeah we put in a bunch of stuff to ensure best in bags doesn’t pick inappropriate weapons for some specs… it might be having some difficulty with the legion artifacts for feral/guardian… I can take a look at it, see if it is easy to get around.

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