2 Questions: World Buffs and Thresholds

Hello, long time user of the sim here. First off, thanks for creating this tool for Classic, I was thrilled to have a chance to use it there as I used it for years in retail! Down to my questions:

Question 1: Is there any option to select specific buffs to assume you character has? Specifically world buffs and consumables?

Question 2: The threshold feature seems to set a basement for your stat levels by design, does it have an option to set a ceiling or is that just hard coded?

I ask these questions because running sims for fury warriors is super scenario specific and having my hands on the scales with these tools would let me better sim by scenario. Thanks for the assistance!

In the settings, there is a dropdown for raid buffs, consumables, and extra buffs. Most of the relevant buffs in the game are included there for you to configure as you see fit.

The threshold feature tells the optimizer to try to get up to a certain level of a stat, and then get no more. You specify the amount you want to try to get to.

And to clarify: this is not a simulator. We do not run simulations. Our rankings are done with a mathematical model.

To clarify, the stat threshold sets a minimum amount of a stat that you want to get. The optimizer may decide to get more if it thinks it will score better. (But in that case, you probably didn’t need the threshold anyway.)

We don’t currently have a way to set a maximum on a stat. If a use case pops up that is highly requested that requires a maximum, we’ll consider adding some more options. We’re taking a sort of “as requested” approach to adding customization options, rather than trying to guess at what people will want for Classic.