3 gear sets for 1 spec


I previously was able to have 3 gear sets (pvp, M+ and raid) for my spec but recently I ahve been unable to create a 3rd gear set. Is there a way around this?

Can you post a snapshot? There is nothing that prevents creating 3 gear sets for one spec. We do have a cap or 6 total gear sets for each character - maybe that is the cap you are hitting?

I figured it out since that post. I had 3 specs as holy pally and 2 as prot pally. I had to delete a holy spec - it looks like you can only have 3 of one spec but not of 2 at a time. So for pally you can have 3 prot, 2 holy and 1 ret. That is fine but I never play ret so I would prefer 3 prot and 3 holy which is not allowed.