3 trinkets on sim (swap trinket)

Hi there,

When I simulated my classic character (hunter) it said that Renataki’s Charm of Beasts is the best trinket.
This is true however this is a start of fight trinket. You use the item and then swap over to another trinket (e.g. swap trinket). Could it be possible to add this? So it shows the best swap trinket. This is drake fang talisman imo and rings will be quick strike + don julio with +7 dmg on xbow with scope.

As a side note. Could it be possible to see the dps as well and not just character stats. Like an actual sim vs some bosses?

~regards Telrunya

I answer the question about showing DPS in this thread:

We aren’t going to be creating suggestions for swapping gear mid-fight. If you want to use renataki’s at the start and then swap, I suggest excluding renataki’s from the optimizer so that it can pick your other trinkets. You can start the fight with renataki and then swap to what the optimizer chooses.

Ok that explains it. Thanks:)

Could you add atleast Expose Weakness to the raid buffs (from T2). Since it says T2 is better than T1. But that’s not neccesarily true. Depends how many have T2.

I decided to only include expose weakness if you actually have the set equipped. The uptime of expose weakness is highly variable based on how many people are using the set, which is generally why I didn’t include it as a raid buff - it would have to be some sort of custom setting to also adjust the uptime.

In general, adding in that ranged attack power bonus is not going to change how you gear, so I felt pretty safe leaving that one out.

That’s not completely right. Expose weakness = a 10,0 DPS increase. Having 2 of them is a 20,0 DPS increase. Which makes a 3rd hunter with T2 lower dps output. The 3rd hunter will do more dps as a full T1. This has been calculated on other sites/excel sheets.