340 ilvl item ranked higher than 355 of same item?

Please let me know if this post belongs in a different place, I’m not that familiar with this forum yet.

Hoping someone can explain to me how the ilvl 340 Gridrunner Galea from LFR is ranked higher than the 355 version of the same item in the screenshot attached. This is for an arms warrior.

What’s your current Azerite Neck Level? AMR also checks your Azerite Level when optimizing to get the most optimal gear you’re currently able to use.

Higher items require higher Azerite levels so you’re most likely at a point where you’d get an additional trait from the LFR item but not the Normal one.
For the Gridrunner Galea (and every other similar helmet) the requirements are 13, 17, 21, 25 for the LFR version but 16, 19, 22, 25 for Normal.

You can change your Azerite Level when editing your character’s details using the menu (“hamburger”) button to the left of your character name.

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That makes sense. Thanks!